Welcome to Dr. Maolin Guo’s Research Lab at UMass Dartmouth

Research Interests
  • Biochemical Processes
  • Drug Design
  • Bio-imaging

The research activities in the Guo lab are in the interface between Chemistry, Biology, and Medicine. This exciting field is the foundation of modern biomedical sciences. We are using a multi-disciplinary approach including cell and molecular biology, protein engineering, synthetic chemistry, spectroscopy(NMR, EPR, UV-vis, CD, fluorescent, etc), chromatography and HPLC, mass spectroscopy and confocal microscopy to investigate the molecular basis of certain genes, proteins, metal ions, free radicals and signal transduction pathways related to cancer, aging, infectious, cardiovascular diseases and neurodegenerative disorders. Our research goal is to understand the molecular basis of these biochemical processes and to develop novel strategies for diagnostics and therapeutics. A major recent research effort is to develop various molecular probes for imaging specific metal ions, reactive oxygen/nitrogen species, natural products and proteins in living systems.

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